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Our Services

Consulting Services

  • Project Design
    •  Design of Service Station, Convenience Store, and Car Wash Facilities, which meet oil industry requirements in addition on Federal, State, and local code requirements.
    •  Design of Commercial, retail and office/professional facilities, including Shopping Center, Restaurants, and Office Complexes.
    • Projects are designed licensed professionals, including architects, civil engineers, and electrical/plumbing/mechanical engineers.

Engineering Services

  • Architectural Designs
    • Site Plan 
    • Architectural Floor and equipment plan
    • Floor Tile Design
    • Reflected Ceiling Design
    • Interior Design and Elevation
    • Building Exterior Architectural Design/Elevations
    • Building Exterior/Interior Architectural Details
    • Perspective Rendering
  • Civil Engineering
    • Topographic/ALTA survey 
    • Erosion Control Design 
    • Conceptual/Precise Grading Design 
    • Land Dedications 
    • Street Improvement Design 
    • Traffic Control Design 
    • Traffic Signalization Design 
    • Tentative Tract Maps and Parcel Maps 
    • Horizontal Control Plan 
    • Storm Water retention design
  • Structural Engineering
    • Building Foundation Design 
    • Roof Framing Design 
    • Truss Design 
    • Wall Framing Design 
    • Masonry Wall Design 
    • Retaining Wall Design 
    • All Types of Structural Calculations
  • Electrical Engineering 
    • Single Line Diagram 
    • Site Electrical Design 
    • Lighting Photometric Plans 
    • Power Plan 
    • Building lighting plan
  • Mechanical Engineering 
    • Building HVAC system design 
    • Title 24 mechanical calculations
  • Plumbing Engineering
    • Site plumbing design 
    • Building Plumbing design 
    • Plumbing Fixtures Calculation
  • Landscaping Design
    • Site Landscaping Design 
    • Irrigation Design 
    • Landscaping/Irrigation Details
  • Tank/Fueling piping details 
    • Underground tank installation details 
    • Fuel Piping Installation details
  • Environmental/Geological Studies 
    • Asbestos reports 
    • Soils Report 
    • Soil Sampling

Permit Acquisition

  • Entitlement Acquisition 
    • Administrative approvals
    •  Conditional Use Permits 
    • General Plan Adjustment 
    • Parcel Maps 
    • Site Plans 
    • Tentative and Final Tract Maps 
    • Variances 
    • Zone Changes
  • Planning Department Approvals 
    • Discretionary action applications, drawings, and submittal packages for local Planning Department Approval. 
    • Plan Revision coordination per local agency 
    • Attendance and client representation at public, city planning and city staff meeting.
  • Building Permits 
    • Plan check submittal packages, including all required applications, engineered drawings and structural calculations 
    • Plan revision coordination per local agency 
    • Plan check approval and building permit issuance, including meetings with building officials to ensure compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local codes. 
    • Plan Revision coordination per local agency 
  • Trade Permits 
    • Plan check submittal package, including all required applications engineered drawings and calculations 
    • Plan revision coordination per local agency. 
    • Plan check approval and permit issuance for all trade permits, including electrical, mechanical, and plumbing.

Bid/Construction Packages 

  • Preparation of bid/construction drawing package, including detailed plans and specifications, contractor safety specifications, and delineated scope of work.
  • Preparation of Project Manual, including project scope of work, permit summary and contacts, contract terms and conditions for general contractor(s), specification of insurance requirements, and on-site safety specifications.


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